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Once kings had settled in Oviedo, they adopted as much of the architectural style and imagery of Toledo.Even with this in mind, Oviedo did not necessarily resemble the old Visigothic capital in Toledo.; Asturian: Uviéu) is the capital city of the Principality of Asturias in northern Spain and the administrative and commercial centre of the region.It is also the name of the municipality that contains the city.

See a red berry transformed into the world’s best coffee bean at Old Tavern Coffee Estate. It is home to some of the people I love most in the world, and I spend as much time there as possible, discovering something new each time.Oviedo’s rich architectural tradition began with King Fruela I (757-768).King Fruela I of Asturias, the fourth of the Asturian monarchs, was the first decided promoter of the city as may be witnessed by his construction of both a palace and a nearby church. Oviedo owes to a later king, Alfonso II The Chaste (791-842), its establishment as a capital city and ruling seat as a result of the moving of the court from Pravia and the creation of the Pilgrim’s Route to Santiago de Compostela, a major event in the history of Oviedo, a church dedicated to The Saviour, the Cathedral of San Salvador, and a royal palace formed the nucleus of Oviedo.In 794, Oviedo was sacked and pillaged by Caliph Hisham I in one of his numerous campaigns against the Christian kingdoms.

The intention with Oviedo was to shape it into a city similar to that of Visigothic Toledo.

Timberlake's punishing work schedule, which includes an upcoming tour to promote new album 20/20 with rapper Jay-Z, and his newly wed status are also whittling down the amount of time the newly crowned 'King of Pop' has for his fashion brand.

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