Who is leeann tweeden dating

"The apology, sure, I accept it, yes," Tweeden said in a statement."People make mistakes and of course knew he made a mistake. There's no reason why I shouldn't accept that apology." Tweeden added that she wasn’t “looking for anything” when she shared her story.Before the 2006 USO tour, Tweeden was scouted as a model while working at Hooters and went on to model for Hooters, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and Playboy.She has also worked as a sports correspondent on Fox.But Tweeden’s identity is greater than just “accuser” or “victim.” She is a passionate supporter of the troops, a former model, and a woman who wants to empower other women to speak out against sexual assault.When Tweeden met Franken, the two were in Mosul, Iraq on a USO tour.She also said, during the tour, Franken posed for a photo with his hands on her breasts as she slept.That photo was made public and circulated widely Thursday.

Tweeden said she tried to resist, but that Franken forced himself on her and stuck his tongue in her mouth."If I didn't speak up now, I'm going to forever hold that and keep that with me forever. When asked about how she viewed Franken's apology, she said the longer statement he made felt "heartfelt." "I do accept it," Tweeden told Roberts."I think he realized how people felt about it and how it's a different time; 2006 is not 2017." When asked whether she thinks Franken should resign, she said, "that's not my call; I didn't do this to have him step down.or voting for Trump," co-host Joy Behar said in an attempt to translate for Brzezinski.

The crew also discussed Tom Arnold's accusation that Roger Stone "coached up" Leeann Tweeden as "a larger smear campaign" against Franken.

After Hostin read the New York Post report, co-host Paula Faris asked, "But what do you say about the other 7 accusers because there are 8?