When updating iphone what is other

At the bottom of the Summary pane there is a bar that shows how much storage your i OS content uses, divided by content type.Wait for i Tunes to scan your device’s storage and then hover your mouse over the ‘Other’ category to find more information.The good news is, your proactiveness in dealing with this issue should pay off.

To force the app to recalculate the correct i OS storage usage, de-select and re-select the “Open i Tunes when this i Phone is connected” option available in the Options section of i Tunes’ Summary pane.I also recommend checking out your frequently used apps in the stock Settings app to see if developers put a cache-cleaning option in there.Slack, for example, provides the Reset Cache on Next Launch toggle in Settings → Slack even though that option is nowhere to be found within the app itself.Sadly, too few apps allow users to flush their caches with a tap of a button.

Instagram, for example, is one app that can be quite a storage hog and yet it lacks a similar cache-cleaning solution.

The feature automatically defaults to using your mobile data when Wi-Fi signal is poor.

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