Validating certificate trust for windows mobile devices

If the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer is unable to follow the certificate chain to the trusted root, then it displays the following error."The security certificate on the server is not valid.When that process is finished, Authentication Platform passes to the requesting client the ADFS endpoint URL that the client requires for authentication.The endpoint is a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection, which will have a certificate in place. The Remote Connectivity Analyzer displays a warning if the certificate that is used for SSL cannot be trusted up to the root.For more information about using the Configuration Items Wizard, see How to Create Configuration Items for Mobile Devices.

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If you are using a self-signed or a certificate from an internal PKI, then you must install the root certificate on the mobile device.

The Microsoft Exchange Analyzer Tool queries the Server Certificate object in the Exchange Server system to retrieve various properties on X509 certificates.