User control not updating on postback

However, even though this is on an updatepanel, nothing happens before the function completes. However, I would like to be able to somehow update this field so that the user can see something actually happning while they wait. In a nutshell I have an Update Panel with an Update Progress item, first postback checks for warnings, if there are any they will be be displayed to the user as a Java Script 'confirm' box.If the user clicks OK the next postback occurs to commit the change.Basically, each editable field is retrieved twice from the database, one is displayed as editable to the user, one is hidden but holds the original value. I cannot replicate this on my dev machine, (win 2000 server) or on a win 95 machine located close to me. It validates the user, checks if this is a postback event, and if it is validdates and saves changes between records, then reloads the data.I can achieve a Post Back event for the src of the IFrame thru' javascript on either an asp. In the Page Load event of the src of the IFrame, I retrieve the ID values from the datagrid, iterate through them, getting the editable and original values from the datagrid, comparing them and saving records where there is a difference. It is frequently but inconsistently replicable on a number of Win NT machines some 500 miles away from me and on a win xp pro machine also that distance away. Net development machine that is that geographically seperated from me. Does anyone have any clues, or is it possible, as I suspect, that on occassion my error is being caused by the Top level page with the IFrame on it doing it's postback first, which I think would simply refresh the data on the IFrame src as it wouldn't be a Post Back for this page.It looks like your page load is running the initialization for every postback, when you only want to run it on the initial load.Try this modification: Now what happens is that when a Post Back happens, it will not run the initialization code and it will continue on to your button click event where you can update the value of the your textbox.

Hi, I'm running some server code that generates a bunch of status lines to the user. :) Hello I'm having a somewhat odd issue, I'll do my best to explain it.The Update Progress loading notification appears on the first postback but not on the second, even though both of them function correctly.The buttons that trigger both postbacks are async postback triggers in the update panel, and both are inside the Content Template.It's not a huge problem, but it causes some confusion, has anybody ever seen this issue before?

User control not updating on postback comments

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