Updating arraycollection

The scope of this article is beyond that of an introduction to Flex .Visit the Abode Flex developer Center to get your feet wet: simplicity, I’ve decided to add some inline styling elements here rather than in a stylesheet.Having a base set of common components at your disposal greatly decrease your development time, allowing you to get your product to market faster.Flex applications are built with Flex Builder, which is a free download from

With that said, I think a Flash Uploader sets itself apart by allowing customizable user interfaces that work well on any platform which supports the Flash player.These latter items can be created with Flex, but using the right tool for the job is always a good idea. The SWF file runs in a web browser or on a desktop.Suffice it to say, the Flash player is installed on 99% of the Internet-enabled computers, so I wouldn’t worry about users who can’t use this application.Setting up the UIOne of the main foci of our uploader will be to preview the image after the upload is complete.