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My sister, mom, and I have been invited, but I just received an e-mail from the bride that my father is not, which really surprised me.My parents are currently in the process of divorcing because of my father’s infidelities, and I believe the bride knows this, and this is the only reason I can imagine as to why he is not receiving an invitation.The campaign, which drew traffic to Fairfax-owned au by manipulating search engine results, has sparked debate on issues in the $1b affiliate marketing industry.The scam was discovered last week by blogger Mark Fletcher, who also founded and owns dating Web site 3LOVES.Besides 3LOVES, Fletcher has discovered some 15 other dating Web sites that were targeted by the same marketing campaign, including Adult Match Maker, Horny Matcher and was found to be operated by a 'rogue affiliate' of Melbourne-based affiliate network, Commission Monster, of whom Fairfax Digital is a client."I think that Fairfax and RSVP has to assume some responsibility for this," he said.

"In the two-and-a-half years in which Fairfax Digital has been applying affiliate marketing, this was the first time we've had an issue and he [the rogue affiliate] was banned from the network as soon as the issue was in light." Although the cloaking techniques employed by the affiliate advertiser were comparable to those leading to's delisting, Jarvis is confident that RSVP is too far removed from the offending Web site to be penalised by Google."Google won't penalise somebody who hasn't done the manipulation," she said."This is a situation where RSVP do not own the domain that has manipulated the results and therefore, we can't be penalised for someone else's doings." Page Break Meanwhile, Fletcher has raised the issue with Google and is convinced that something has to be done.Our industry leading affiliate rates provide you with different programs that pays you as much as $15 per lead or $120 per sale.

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