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Is there anyone who has the balls to disagree with us?It’s the whole “finding someone to deep throat you and do that little thing with their tongue” that makes it complicated.Albeit an investment in cash and space, this titanic of a toy is totally worth the price.It can synchronize with Bluetooth via smart device to provide long-distance real-time play for couples, gyrate alongside pre-recorded porn content from a massive library, pleasure your private parts using an array of self-driven speed and vibe features, and pretty much do everything your partner can do besides wash the dishes or complain about your stamina.If cute and compact convenience is what matters most to you, then the Sayber X might be what you’re looking for.This super sleek and sexy automatic blowjob beast features an insanely cushiony texture with a hyper-realistic feel (Sayber Skin), stretched over a 7-inch/2-inch chamber that sends the sensations of 5 different speed functions up and the down the main vein.

And while it’s somewhat cumbersome in size and shape and can’t accommodate larger penises, this automatic head giver gives an outstanding performance.And jerking yourself off gets the job done, but where’s the fun in that?Having access to an automatic blowjob machine is the tits, and thanks to modern science, there is little that the most popular models can’t do.As a rule, they vary in size and function as much as they vary in price and appearance.

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