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There are two main seasons: the wet season from November through March and the dry season from April through October. However, the country also has experienced devastating floods, most recently in 1999.Mozambique a great diversity of animal life, including zebras, water buffalo, elephants, giraffes, lions, hippopotami, and crocodiles. This figure represents a twofold increase since 1970. Arab traders who made their way down the East African coast mingled with African peoples, creating a hybrid culture and language called Swahili.This culture still predominates in several East African countries and exerts a strong influence in northern Mozambique.The Zambezi River is an important natural resource, supplying power through the Cahora Bassa dam, one of Africa's largest hydroelectric projects.The Zambezi flows west to east and cuts the country into northern and southern regions that diverge, to some extent, in terms of culture and history as well as climate.Southern tribes include the Tsonga, the Karanga, the Chopi, the Shona, and the Nguni.

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Da Gama first landed in the Muslim island town of Moçambique, and by 1510 the Portuguese controlled trading from Sofala in present-day Mozambique north to Mogadishu in what is now Somalia.These people are concentrated in the coastal cities and usually work as doctors, teachers, shopkeepers, or industrial laborers. The official language is Portuguese, a legacy of the country's colonizers.When Mozambique gained independence in 1975, Frelimo wanted to evict the colonial language but was not successful in finding a replacement. In the north, the Bantu languages of Yao and Makua predominate; in the Zambezi Valley, it is Nyanja is the dominant languages; and in the south, Tsonga is spoken.These groups were part of what is known as the Bushmen.

These nomadic people eventually moved out or intermarried with Bantu-speaking tribes that came to the area around the third century In the eighth century, Arab traders began establishing trading posts along the coast.

Portuguese supremacy continued to wane until the end of the eighteenth century, when Portuguese seized control of the port at Delagoa Bay in the south, later named Lourenço Marcos (today Maputo, the capital).

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