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When he was a toddler, his mother married Gabe Ugliano, hoping his horrid smell will mask Percy from monsters, whom Percy despised and called "Smelly Gabe" because of his body odor that smelled like moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts.Strange things often happened around Percy, often resulting in him getting into some kind of trouble or getting kicked out of over 6 schools.At the bus stop, Grover sees that the three Fates are looking at Percy while knitting giant socks. Later, he goes home on his own at the end of the school year, even though Grover asked him to wait for him at the bus stop.He arrives home to his horrible step-dad Gabe Ugliano and his friends playing poker.Mr Brunner, another one of Percy's teachers comes in and throws Percy a pen (actually Riptide). Percy arrives back at the school and hears Grover and Mr.While midair, the pen transformed into Riptide and Percy used it to kill Mrs. However, when Percy returns to the bus and asks his classmates, nobody remembers Mrs. The only person that may remember her was Grover, who always hesitated before he answered. Brunner talking about his life being in danger and becomes very suspicious.

Percy's mother arrives soon afterward and tells him that they can go to his favorite beach in Montauk for the whole weekend.He is the head counselor of Poseidon's Cabin and a former Praetor of the Twelfth Legion at Camp Jupiter.He is currently in a relationship with Annabeth Chase. Percy is named after the famed Greek hero Perseus by his mother for good luck because his namesake was one of the only heroes who had a happy ending and died a peaceful death.However, Poseidon visited him when he was in his cradle, which Percy described as a "golden glow" and his father's warm smile and a hand on his head.

Soon, Poseidon left due to affairs in Mount Olympus.

Percy is a very troubled 12-year-old boy who has been expelled from every school he has ever attended.

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