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I would attend another event." "What a varied and interesting group.You were right about the normal way of 'meeting' theory - everyone I spoke to was there because they knew someone who knew you or some similar connection, it went with a real swing.However the evening completely dispelled any preconceptions that I had.I had a very entertaining evening, I met some really lovely people, both men and women, who were just there to enjoy themselves, have some fun and meet other interesting people.Now you can have control over the type of people you date.Just imagine if you could read people's minds, and find out what is important to them.With our free logo generator, you can create the dating logo of your dreams right now.

Had some good initial conversations with some new people I met which I'm sure will develop by coming again, assuming they're back.Your welcome speech was perfect and gave me the confidence to mix freely.It is a really good idea to hold such events in a lovely setting, so thanks again.Not only did I get to chat to a lot of interesting people, I also met a very lovely lady and we have already met again. A success all round." "Lynn, just wanted to thank you for organising last night's Hart to Heart event.

I must tell you that this event was recommended by a friend and I was sceptical about attending, in fact I was very negative about going to a singles-only party.

I've noted the date of the next one." I'm delighted that both of my friends got on well with a lovely lady and a handsome chap - with contact information being exchanged.