Dating sanaa manuscripts

Some of the Qur’anic parchment fragments in the condition in which they were found. 23) The ignorant laborers gathered up the manuscripts, pressed them carelessly into some 20 potato sacks, and set them aside on the staircase of one of the Mosque’s minarets, where they were locked away.The manuscripts would have been forgotten once again, were it not for Qadhi Isma’il al-Akwa, then the President of Yemeni Antiquities Authority, who realized the potential importance of the find.

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Between 19, approximately 15,000 out of 40,000 pages were restored, specifically 12,000 fragments on parchment and manuscripts dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries. 22) Until now, only three ancient copies of the Qu’ran are found.Qur’an claims, ‘no change there can be in the words of God’ () and, ‘there is none that can alter the words (and decrees) of God’ ().But then how ridiculous the ‘doctrine of abrogation’ is, by which later revelations cancel previous ones, as Qur’an (6) confirms, ‘revelations... Also, a Hadith (8) from Sahih Bukhari confirmed that Muhammad forgot many verses.It means Qur’an has been distorted, perverted, revised, modified and corrected, and textual alterations had taken place over the years purely by Human hands.

The sacred aura surrounding this Holy Scripture of Islam, which remained intact for over 14 centuries is gone with this astonishing discovery and the core belief of billion plus Muslims that the Qu’ran is the eternal, unaltered word of God is now clearly visible as a great hoax, a totally downright falsehood.

Probably this is the most embarrassing event in Islamic history of 14 centuries.

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