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So while that might be the case, it doesn't really matter for you. He's the one messaging you, and he's the one in the relationship. Besides, even though he shouldn't be talking to you at all, communicating with you every few weeks (which you cite in your email) isn't much of an emotional investment.Putting the onus on what YOU should do isn't going to make or break things. You took a break when you felt it was necessary, and in that time, he met somebody else. Hell, I text people I haven't even considered inviting to my wedding every few weeks.We started seeing each other regularly after that, and he was great.

Even though you ask whether or not this guy seems like a typical fuckboy, I don't think that really matters.I left the conversation saying I needed to cut things off for my own happiness, which he agreed I deserved. The reason he's still in contact with you is because you will always be the proverbial “what if” in his life since I do think you two had a genuine connection.But my gut tells me it isn't over for us and that he isn't intentionally trying to hurt me. So is he a classic fuckboy who's keeping me in his back pocket for an ego stroke? And since it wasn't him who ended things, he's going to remain curious about what he could have had with you. Once you figured things out after your initial break, he likely assumed you'd simply move on from him.I called him out on it, and he responded, "I guess I'm taken."Looking back, from day one, he was never a straightforward person, and he hid behind jokes.

During conversations, he would never fully admit anything and constantly use the phrases "I guess" or " I suppose."This time, however, he admitted his reason for continuing to flirt with me is because he's attracted to me.

Maybe he doesn't want to completely cut you out of his life, or maybe he doesn't trust you not to leave again if he tried to bring you completely in.

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