Ault chat balls

I spent a fair amount of time responding to participant questions, ideas, and comments.In hindsight, I could have written up answers ahead of time.On the row with two balls, there are three distinct configurations (choose which space to leave empty).Therefore, the number of ways to place 5 balls in 2 rows is: $$ 3! $$ Finally, count the number of possible arrangements of the 5 balls on the $3 \times 3$ grid: $$ \binom = 126.Sue kept us all on track whilst managing both her account and the official #LTHEchat Twitter account.Since I was the guest host for this #LTHEchat, I was responsible for the topic as well as for the questions that were asked by the official chat moderator.Fast forward to 2015 and hashtags on Twitter are ubiquitous...useful for linked conversations and social curation/sharing.This week, I was invited to be the guest for Wednesday's #LTHEchat - the UK's weekly Learning and Teaching HE chat.

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These talk balls are ideal for topic based learning as part of a group.